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Oil Scrub Essence

Keautify Skin Care Oil Scrub Essence

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Price $150

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Oligopeptide, polypeptide, or stem cell conditioned media used as key cosmetic ingredients can be hydrolyzed or degraded if mixed in general cosmetics. Thanks to the patent pending proprietary sMTS technology and non-aqueous formulation for soluble hyaluronate (HA) micro-spicules, the key ingredients in sMTS ADSC Oil Scrub Essence, stem cell conditioned media and oligopeptide-1, stably maintains until they are used.

Scrubbing the HA micro-spicules suspended in the essence paste facilitates the delivery of the key ingredients deeply into the skin.

The stem cell culture conditioned media used in the sMTS ADSC Oil Scrub Essence is registered as ‘human adipose stromal cell conditioned media’ in the CTFA in US, which contains numerous useful growth factors and is helpful for skin regeneration.

Squeeze adequate amount of paste (one syringe contains 3 g of paste). Apply about 0.3~0.5g on the face and rub it for about 20~30 sec. Then, put any skin softener or serum you use on the face and massage it gently throughout the face until the HA micro-spicules are dissolved.