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Fito Dual Active Skin Care Set

Dual Active Skin Care Set

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Fito Dual Active Skin Care Set
Skin Softener 150 mL + 32 mL,
Moisture Emulsion 150 mL + 32 mL,
Hydro Aqua Cream 60 mL

Skin Softer nourishes the damaged skin to be refreshed and and revitalized, effectively improving your skin texture.

Moisture Emulsion nourishes and effectively cares the sensitive skin protecting from the external environment and keeping your skin glossy, rehydrated, and moisturizing.

Hydro Aqua Cream, the pure aqua reservoir, recreates your original moist look providing the skin with dual active functions, hydrations, hydration and anti-wrinkle. It makes your skin youthful, moist, and sleek